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COM with NXP QorlQ® LS1012A (Layerscape) Processor






The Linux BSP (fsimx6-V2.0) is based on Buildroot, a software to create Root filesystems. Up to circa 400 different software packages can be added menu-driven to the Root filesystem. The functions range from easy libraries and utilities to a complete Java environment up to full graphic enviroments like Qt or X11, including applications such as a HTML5-capable web browser. All this offers an easy way to compile a customized Linux system.
Our standard configuration should give you a first impression of the function range of the module, it contains among other features:

Busybox, gdb, alsa-utils, gstreamer, directFB, fbv, X11R7, matchbox, feh, openssl, openssh, glib2, tslib, libv4l, ncurses, can-utils, iproute2, ftpd, httpd, telnet, tftp, u.v.m.

The BSP contains the F&S customized source code packages of U-boot (2014.01), Linux Kernel (based on 3.0.35) and Buildroot (2014.02). We have also added our Cross-Toolchain, some example applications, as well as all Binaries in the standard configuration. Last but not least, it includes comprehensive hardware documents and a First-Steps documentation for an easy start.

Regardless of the regular BSP, we also offer a pre-configured Ubuntu Root filesystem for download. The complete function range of a Ubuntu distribution is available via the internal package management.

efusA53LS - Product Flyer








Easy, Functional.. ..Universal, Small

efus™A53LS is another compact and inexpensive module in efus™ form factor. It is perfectly suited for applications with numerous interfaces in medical and industrial engineering.

Easy Baseboard

Along with the attribute of an easy baseboard (EasyLayout), efus™ has a size of 47x62mm only and is therefore suitable for compact housings. The low power loss of only 2 Watt (typ.) makes it easy to cool the module.


efus™A53LS is based on a NXP QorlIQ® LS1012A (Layerscape) Processor and has a Cortex®-A53 Core with 800MHz. 

Long-Term Availability up to 2030

Another highlight feature of the NXP QorlIQ® LS1012A (Layerscape) is the long availability up to 2030.


efus™A53LS comes with up to 512MB DDR3 DRAM and up to 64MB QSPI NOR Flash.

Numerous Interfaces

The module offers interfaces like 2x 10/100/1000Mb Ethernet, WLAN, BT 4.0, 1x Serial, USB 3.0 OTG, 1x CAN, 1x SDIO, 1x SATA und 1x PCIe.

The customized Linux supports all interfaces, enabling an easy software development without deeper hardware knowledge.

efus™A53LS is pin compatible to all other efus™ modules.