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Our workshops will help you start working with Windows CE/ Linux and the F&S products easier. Our software engineers will teach you how to install the Ethernet connection (necessary for development), how to connect a LCD display and how to program a small example application, so after this workshop you can start developing right away.


  • Overview Windows CE/ Linux
  • NetDCU Hardware
  • Basics TCP/ IP - Ethernet
  • Ethernet connection PC <-> F&S Plattform
  • Telnet, Ping, Arp etc.
  • WindowsCE Registry and NDCUCFG
  • Remote Tools and Remote Debugging


You should be familiar with PCs and the operating system Windows or Linux. Please bring along your own PC and all components necessary for your project. Your PC should have a serial interface and for Windows at least WindowsXP (if you use Linux: Fedora).

Target customers

Everyone working with Windows CE/ Linux and F&S boards.


  • Participants: 1-4
  • Place: F&S - Stuttgart-Vaihingen
  • Period: 4 hours
  • Costs: €200,- per customer

For registration or more information please use our contact form.

Flyer Windows Embedded CE Workshop (pdf, 290kB)
Flyer Linux Embedded Workshop (pdf, 291kB)