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February 27 - March 1, 2018

embedded world 2018

in Nuremberg

We will be part of the world's biggest fair for embedded products again next year.

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Sep 2017

CANopen Drivers for Single Board Computer armStone™A9

CANopen is a CAN based communication protocol, used mainly in automation technology and for networks of complex devices. Every F&S board comes with 1-2 CAN interfaces and customized drivers under Windows Embedded Compact 2013/ WEC7 and Linux. read more...

Aug 2017

Virtual Machine for i.MX6 development

Elektronik has reported on our development machine. The machine was created to start with your Linux development without greater installation tasks. read more...

Aug 2017

Start Your Development in Less Than an Hour - F&S Development Machine - Fedora 23

Fedora 23 is a VirtualBox Appliance based on Fedora 23, provided by F&S. You will need less than an hour to start your development with this machine! It is available for our customers for free. read more...

Jul 2017

ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 Certificates

We are very pleased to announce that we have received ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 for our production and development. Our strenghts are long-time availability, reliability and scalability of computing power. read more...

Jun 2017

Embedded Control Europe: Single Board Computer with NXP i.MX 6 Processor

Highlight features of the armStone™A9 Single Board Computer are NXP i. MX 6 Cortex®-A9 @ 1GHz (Quad/ DualLite/ Solo) up to 4GB RAM and 512MB SLC Flash TFT via 2x LVDS, 1x RGB and DVI 1x Ethernet 10/ 100/ 1000MBit 1x USB 2. read more...

May 2017

Components in Electronics: efus™A9X enables Asymmetric Multiprocessing

efus™A9X is based on a NXP single-core applications processor from the very successful i. MX 6 series and has a Cortex®-A9, as well as a Cortex®-M4 core. read more...

May 2017

Embedded Control Europe: efus™ Form Factor Module Based on NXP Layerscape

efus™A753LS is based on a NXP Layerscape and has a Cortex®-A53 core (64 Bit CPU) with 800MHz. Just like every other efus™ module, efus™A53LS comes with adequate DRAM and QSPI NOR Flash. read more...

May 2017

Embedded Control Europe: COM with NXP i.MX 6 Processor with up to 15 Years Availability

Manhattan Skyline presents the efus™A9 on Embedded Control Europe, a COM with NXP i. MX 6 processor. read more...

Apr 2017

The Engineer: Computer on Module with NXP i.MX 6SoloX Processor

Highlights of efus™A9X are – up to 1GB RAM, 1GB NAND Flash and 32GB eMMC – Wide range of interfaces including Ethernet, USB, CAN, I²C, SD Card, digital camera – WLAN/BT optional – Displays via digital RGB and LVDS – resistive and capacitive touch via I²C – Operating systems supported: Linux (Buildroot/ Yocto), Windows Embedded Compact 2013/ 7 and Android – Long-term availability to 2025 ➜ Read the Article by Manhattan Skyline on The Engineer[https://www. theengineer. read more...

Apr 2017

Asymmetric Multiprocessing with efus™A9X

efus™A9X is based on a NXP single-core applications processor from the very successful i. MX 6 series and has a Cortex-A9, as well as a Cortex-M4 core. read more...

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