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We cooperate with partner companies in different areas. The cooperation guarantees the user best support and highest functionality. is a leading provider of a secure and robust end-to-end over-the-air (OTA) software update manager for IoT devices.

Mender makes it easy to deploy updates to a large number of devices by providing efficiency and risk tolerant OTA deployments. Mender enables its customers to stay competitive in a fast-moving market by helping them deliver high-value services on an increasing number of connected devices with growing software complexity.

With an active open source community supporting a large number of different hardware and operating systems and growing every day, Mender has quickly become the trusted choice by some of the world’s most respected brands. 

SYS TEC electronic GmbH

SYS TEC electronic GmbH is an experienced system house for distributed automation technology, based in Germany and founded in 1990.

With the Systec CANopen Starter Kit you have a high-performance Rapid Development package that accelerates your entry into the world of CANopen.
Even without prior experience, you can quickly put the harmonized components into operation.
The CANopen Starter Kit provides basic know-how in using CANopen devices, software and tools.

CANopen is a CAN-based communication system. It comprises higher-layer protocols and profile specifications.
CANopen has been developed as a standardized embedded network with highly flexible configuration capabilities.
It was designed originally for motion-oriented machine control systems, such as handling systems.
Today it is used in various application fields, such as medical equipment, off-road vehicles, maritime electronics, railway applications, or building automation.

SYS TEC electronic offers CANopen drivers for armStone™A9 (SBC) with Windows Embedded Compact 7.

SYS TEC electronic expands the F&S driver, enabling the development of CAN or CANopen applications on the Windows Embedded system. Touch panels are often integrated in CANopen networks to be able to visualize data.

CANopen Stack Master, Slave Source Code CiA 301 and CANopen Manager Source Code CiA 302 are all executable on armStone™A9.

➜ CANopen Stack Master & Slave Source Code CiA 301
➜ CANopen Manager Source Code CiA 302


Since 1991, IMACS develops and produces measurement-, control-, and automation systems for different industry lines. Single components or complete embedded systems; solutions by IMACS are always individual and flexible. IMACS products are classified in two sectors:

  • ecoSOLUT: offers individual hardware solutions. From device design over hardware design up to production, your requirements always come first. The compact and flexible add-on system realizes all potentials
  • radCASE: is a software tool for object-oriented shaping and generating of technical appliances. From system specification over implementation up to code generation and tests -– radCASE supports the complete design process with only one tool.

By combining hard- and software design, IMACS can respond flexibly to your requests. From the very idea up to serial production you profit from IMAC’S's experience and their instinct for optimal technical solutions.

emlix GmbH

Core competences and markets

Linux and Ethernet-TCP/ IP technology for embedded systems are the central competence fields of emlix GmbH. emlix is an all-Open Source system integrator and therefore free from dependencies on retailers of commercial operating systems and tools.
By customized solutions in the areas of customer distributions and board support, network services as well as GUI- and application design, modern software platforms for control and network tasks, are realized in the customers’ products. In addition, emlix offers products for highly demanded solutions.
The adequate Board Support Package accompanies the NetDCU starterkit. For an easier and more efficient start, seminars and Start-up trainings are offered in regular intervals. It is unnecessary to say that all system components are delivered to the customer in source code.

Service and products

The customized solutions are developed on common processor families such as ARM9 (NetDCU8), MIPS (NetDCU6), PowerPC (NetDCU3) and XScale (NetDCU5). By direct contact to F&S, emlix disposes of first-hand technical information and sources.

The project-specific services contain in detail:

  • Customer-specific trainings
  • Consulting and in-field support
  • Kernel and driver development
  • Cross Development Tool Chains
  • Real-time add-ons (RTAI)
  • TCP/ IP-services and –control protocols
  • Remote control, update and management
  • Library, Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • Application design and –migration
  • Software reviews, module/system tests

Business concept and customer value

By simplified access to knowledge and experience emlix reduces adjustment and designing time for its customers. With emlix as a reliable outsourcing partner, milestones are reached much quicker since they help to expand capacities in a case.

emlix solutions usually base on the respective Open Source sources of the world-wide Linux community. In contrary to standard distributors, their patches and changes are comprehensible. This practice guarantees a maximum of technical transparency.