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Solder-on modules

Solder-on modules from F&S

As a specialist for customized embedded systems, F&S has now also added solder-on modules to its product portfolio.

The new FS 8MM OSM-SF module with the NXP i.MX8M Mini processor (30x30mm) is the first. Others will follow.

The advantages of solder-on modules are, among other things, that they can be directly soldered on - as the name suggests - and can be assembled by machine in the SMT assembly process. This means that connectors can be dispensed with, thus reducing costs. With the smaller form factors, the solder-on modules can reach new fields of application that the existing module standards cannot serve. Examples include very small and mobile IoT applications or applications with high physical loads.




  • Size-S „Small“ 30x30mm

  • Other sizes are planned

  • Open Source Standard

    (not yet released)

  • Can be soldered on directly

    (can be equipped by machine)

  • Scalable

  • Standardized interfaces

  • No connectors

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