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Press Release PicoMOD™A9

i.MX6 ARM® Cortex™-A9 CPU in credit card form

F&S Elektronik Systeme from Stuttgart expands its successful PicoMOD product family for another module – the new PicoMODA9.

It has a size of 80 x 50mm only (140 pin plug connector) and with its ARM® Cortex™-A9 CPU (Single-/ Dual-Core CPU), the PicoMODA9 offers up to 4GByte RAM and 1GByte Flash. Other interfaces are Ethernet, USB Host, USB Device, CAN, I2C, SPI, 4 Serial, GPIOs, uSD-Card, ADR-DATA Bus and Audio LIN IN/OUT. The module comes with a display connection in digital RGB (up to SVGA), as well as a touch connection for 4-wire resistive touch and PCAP touch (via I2C).

Furthermore, the PicoMODA9 has a 25 poles connector with LVDS and display control signals, offering the possibility to control a display via RGB and one via LVDS simultaneously. The board is supplied with 3.3V. Thanks to optional placement, one can choose WLAN/ Bluetooth with antenna socket, a digital camera interface and DVI output. The temperature range can be extended to -40°C - +85°C, so this SOM is able to handle extremely low, as well as extremely high temperatures.

The available operating systems for PicoMODA9 are Linux (buildroot), WCE 6.0, as well as WEC 7. Our software department (10+ experienced engineers) always provides support. The production is also in-house; we have three modern production lines. This fortunate constellation (one source, Made in Germany) paved the way for F&S to be in numerous projects of major companies all over Europe. Especially the high number of medical customers (more than 60%) is remarkable.

F&S Elektronik Systeme supports its customers with the F&S project guarantee: we are at your side from the project start until the successful completion of the project. Starter kit, workshop, documents for hardware and software development and free support by our experienced engineers complete the comprehensive F&S support.

PicoMOD™A9 can be purchased directly at F&S Elektronik Systeme or via one of their worldwide distribution partners.

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