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I2C Extension

I2C Extension   SKU: NDCU-ADP/I2C
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For some boards, the standard number of available interfaces and I/ O pins is not sufficient. It is appropiate to extend the functionality of the board with digital I/ Os, analogue I/ Os or other interfaces via an I²C Bus. The I²C extension board offers interfaces such as AID input, PWM output, I/ O and matrix keyboard. This extension can be directly connected to armStone™ and the starterkit base boards of NetDCU, efus™ and PicoCOM. 

The extension board offers additional connections to:

It addition to the hardware the following drivers are included:

Scheme and documentation are included in the scope of delivery.

Technical Data

Available for

In combination with WCE 6.0/WEC7/2013

Scope of Delivery