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Power Adapter

ADPNT24V2 und Kabel   SKU: ADP-NT24V2
40,- €
Tax not included


armStone™ and PicoCore™ are supplied with either 5V or 12V.
The adapter board ADP-NT24V is plugged into the voltage input plug and delivers 5V.
The voltage input range is from 7,5 (13) to 36V.
Further 12V is available for supplying a TFT backlight.

Technical Data


Available for

  • all armStone™
  • all PicoCore™

Scope of Delivery

  • Adapter board (ADP-NT24V2)
  • cable with 2x banana plug and 2-pin multipoint connector

€15,-- per piece for 1000 pieces (excluding cable); other quantities on request.

B.MBU.1R2PS.4 Power Connector
Plug for connecting the supply voltage to the Power Adapter V2 (ADP-NT24V2) or the efus baseboard (EFUS-SINTF-FERT1B)
11,- €