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Note: This Product Is No Longer Available For New Developments!

System On Module with Samsung S5PV210 CPU



The Linux BSP (multiplatform-linux-f+s-V2.0) contains the customized Linux Kernel Source Code (v3.3.7), the customized U-Boot Source Code (2012.07) and a customized Buildroot (2012.08), as well as our Cross-Toolchain. The package also holds our standard binaries of the Linux Kernel Images, U-Boot and a UBIFS Root Filesystem. For a first impression, the Root Filesystem based on Buildroot has the following features installed:

Busybox 1.20.x, gdb 6.8, alsa-utils, gstreamer, madplay, directFB, fbv, X.Org rel-7.5, Matchbox, feh, X11vnc, openssl, openssh, freetype, glib2, tslib, libv4l, ncurses, can-utils, iproute2, ftpd, httpd, telnet, tftp

The BSP also contains our First-Step documentation and example applications.

NetDCU14 - Hardware

NetDCU14 - Linux

NetDCU14 - Windows Embedded CE/Compact

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NetDCU14 - Miscellaneous

  • Camera Interface Documentation (Windows Embedded)

NetDCU14 - Display


NetDCU14 top linux NDCU14-ANC-LIN
256MB-RAM, 128MB Flash, Audio, Ethernet, CAN, 1GHz, 0°C-+70°C, Linux