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Note: This Product Is No Longer Available For New Developments!

Computer On Module with Samsung ARM9 CPU



State no new developments no new developments
CPU - -
CPU Samsung ARM 926, 400 MHz Samsung ARM 926, 400 MHz
Core ARM 9 ARM 9
Frequency 400 MHz 400 MHz
Video CPU, 2D CPU, 2D
Operating System - -
Linux - 2.6.37
(uboot installed)
Windows WCE 6.0 R3
(Bootloader installed)
Memory - -
Flash 64MB 64MB
Interfaces - -
SD-Card extern extern
Ethernet 10/ 100MB 10/ 100MB
USB Host 1-2 (1.1 FS) 1-2 (1.1 FS)
USB Device 0-1 OTG (2.0 HS) listed within starter kit as RS232/ RS485 0-1 OTG (2.0 HS) listed within starter kit as RS232/ RS485
UART 1x with RTC/ CTS, max. baudrate 115200
1x with RTS/ CTS, max. baudrate 115200
1x with max. baudrate 115200
1x with RTC/ CTS, max. baudrate 115200
1x with RTS/ CTS, max. baudrate 115200
1x with max. baudrate 115200
I2C 1 1
SPI opt. opt.
Audio 1x Audio Codec Line Out (L/ R)
1x Audio Codec Line In (L/ R)
1x Audio Codec Line Out (L/ R)
1x Audio Codec Line In (L/ R)
Touch Panel 4-wire, analogue resistive 4-wire, analogue resistive
Display - -
LVDS extern extern
Common - -
Supply Voltage +3,3V +3,3V
Operating Temperature 0°C - +70°C (-20°C - +85°C (optional)) 0°C - +70°C (-20°C - +85°C (optional))
Size 40mm x 50mm (l x b) 40mm x 50mm (l x b)

The Linux BSP (v1.3) contains the Linux Kernel Source Code (v2.6.38) customized by F&S and our Cross-Toolchain. Our standard Binaries of the Linux Kernel Image, U-Boot and a JFFS2 Root Filesystem are available in the download area. The multiplatform-linux-f+s-V2.0 Release contains a Buildroot (2012.08) customized by F&S, which is integrated in PicoCOM4. So you can create your own customized Root Filesystem. The standard configuration (picocom4_std_defconfig) installs the following features:

Busybox 1.20.x, gdb 6.8, alsa-utils, gstreamer, madplay, directFB, fbv, X.Org rel-7.5, Matchbox, feh, X11vnc, openssl, openssh, freetype, glib2, tslib, libv4l, ncurses, can-utils, iproute2, ftpd, httpd, telnet, tftp

A First-Steps Documentation and example applications can be found in the documents area.

Windows Embedded Lifetime

Feature Available until  End of Mainstream Support End of Extended Support
Windows Embedded Compact 2013 31.05.2028  10.09.2018 10.10.2023
Windows Embedded Compact 7 28.02.2026  12.04.2016 13.04.2021
Windows CE 6.0 28.02.2022  09.04.2013 10.04.2018

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3

Like on every F&S Board, Windows Embedded CE has already been ported on PicoCOM4. The starterkit includes bootloaders, different kernels as well as the interface drivers for almost every offered interface.

Create your software with Visual Studio .NET (not included in the starterkit by using C, C++, C# or VB.NET. Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 in connection with Compact Framework 3.5 is the perfect foundation for your software design on PicoCOM4. Use interfaces like I²C in the same way like a RS232 interface without having to handle the underlying hardware. Configure the display and other settings with the F&S configuration tool.

Our FailSafe Flash File System F3S is also available for WCE 6.0.


  • UART (COM1, COM2)
  • I²C
  • Digital I/ O (DIO)
  • USB Host
  • USB Device (Mass Storage, RNDIS, Serial)
  • SD/ SD-HC/ MMC
  • Display (2D, DirectDRAW)
  • Ethernet
  • CAN 2.0
  • Audio incl. Mixer
  • ...

PicoCOM4 - Hardware

PicoCOM4 - Linux

PicoCOM4 - Windows Embedded CE/Compact

PicoCOM4 - Miscellaneous


PicoCOM4 TOP Windows PCOM4-WCE60
64MB DDR, 64MB Flash, Ethernet, CAN2.0, Audio, Touch, Windows CE 6.0
PicoCOM4 TOP linux PCOM4-LIN
64MB DDR, 64MB Flash, Ethernet, CAN2.0, Audio, Touch, Embedded Linux

Description Description

PicoCOM4 is the entry level module of our successful PicoCOM family.
PicoCOM4 offers 400MHz computing power, 64MB RAM and 64MB Flash memory and some hardware building blocks like 2D accelerator and 3 window layers.
PicoCOM4 provides a processing power of 32Bit CPU combined with the comfort and functions of Windows or Linux, for a price which is usual for 8/16Bit µP systems.
PicoCOM4 is compatible in terms of hardware and software to PicoCOM2, PicoCOM3 and later.

Low Price, High Performance

As all other PicoCOMs, PicoCOM4 is only 40 x 50mm. This makes it a perfect solution for hand-held products with TFT display in industrial (-20°C up to +85°C) and medical devices.

PicoCOM4 is using a powerful ARM9 CPU-400 MHz with 2D and 3 window layers.
It offers many interfaces: 3x serial, USB 2.0 Host, USB 2.0 Device, I²C, SPI, CAN, I/ O, Audio (Lin IN/ OUT), SD Card and touch panel.
An important feature was to offer a lot of standardized interfaces, supported by the available OS. Therefore the user can realize his communication jobs in software without in-depth knowledge of hardware.
Of course, PicoCOM4 offers a flexible display interface to connect most of the TFTs from QVGA (320x240) up to WVGA (800x480).


Numerous Application Fields

This compact module is suitable for applications in medical or industrial areas.
Possible examples for medical and cosmetic engineering are systems for X-Ray, therapy, microscopy, ventilation, Laser, dentistry, surgery and for depilation. Possible industrial applications are in MMI, POI, building automation, welding devices, ovens, time registration devices, measurement and analysis devices, vending machines, data logger and VoIP systems.

Controlling TFTs

PicoCOM4 can be used in all applications, where controlling a TFT is requested (QVGA -– WVGA), it is also possible to connect a touch panel, keys or optical encoders, as well as Ethernet, USB, CAN, serial, I²C and SPI.

PicoCOM4 runs on 3.3V single power supply (less than 2W), it gets plugged on the customer's carrier board with a robust 80 pin connector.
Customers only need to add the necessary driver components for their requested interfaces.

The usage of the module is very easy. All PicoCOM boards are largely compatible, using the same robust 80 pin connector, making an upgrade to a newer board easy.