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Computer On Module mit NXP i.MX 8M Plus QuadLite Prozessor





Yocto Release Y2022.12

For the CPU NXP i.MX8M Plus F&S offers a Yocto based environment. We offer the Linux BSP fsimx8mp-Y2022.12, which is based on Yocto.

Our standard configuration, which is intended to give a first impression of the functionality of the board, includes the following features: Busybox, gdb, alsa-utils, gstreamer, fbv, matchbox, feh, openssl, openssh, ncurses, can-utils, iproute2, ftpd, httpd, telnet, tftp, and many more.

The BSP contains the source code packages of U-Boot (2020.04), Linux kernel (based on 5.4.70) and Yocto (3.0 Zeus) adapted by F&S. Also included is our cross toolchain, some sample applications, and all binaries in the default configuration. Last but not least, detailed documents on the hardware are included, as well as the First Steps documentation for an easy start.

F&S offer a virtual machine (based on VirtualBox) with an installed Linux based on the distribution Fedora 27 for free download. All packages necessary to compile our software are already installed. Also, all services (NFS, TFTP) for working with our boards are installed. Our BSP is unpacked and precompiled in the correct directories. With this virtual machine it doesn't matter if you use Windows or Linux as host. Simply download the VHD, import it into VirtualBox and development can begin immediately.

➜ More information about the new Yocto release Y2022.12

Development start in under an hour
F&S Development Machine - Fedora 27

For a quick start into development with Linux we provide a VirtualBox-based virtual hard disk VHD for download. The VHD uses Fedora 27 as Linux distribution.

With this machine you can start your development in less than an hour.

The machine is free of charge for our customers.

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VirtualBox is a powerful product for corporate customers and at the same time the only professional solution which is freely available as Open Source Software under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 2.
The F&S Development Machine contains pre-installed board support packages for fsimx8mm and fsimx8mp (64 bit CPU).
The appropriate F&S toolchain is installed in the HVD, the source code is extracted and ready to use.
Necessary system packages and tools are also already installed.
Furthermore, it contains a configured environment for QT development (QT5) with cross-compile/debug kit, deployment strategy and demo application.

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Note: To download the Development Machine, you must be registered on our website.

➜ More information about the F&S Development Machine in the F&S Support Forum
Download F&S Development Machine - Fedora 27
Quickstart Documentation

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