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Note: This Product Is No Longer Available For New Developments!

System On Module with NXP Vybrid CPU



software accessory Software .NET Drivers
Driver package for retrofitting, consists of C# drivers for I²C/ SPI/ CAN, as well as the SPI driver in C++.
500,- €
software accessory UpDate Software
This program package allows a safe and easy update of the application program and the operating system via USB Stick or SD Card.
500,- €
software accessory Boot Screen
Shows the device's user a starting procedure while booting (BMP File).
500,- €
software accessory Custom Kernel
Creation of a customer-specific kernel. Windows CE components are set as the customer requests, as well as the registry entries (e.g. display). Customer-supplied software can also be added.
500,- €
software accessory Failsafe Flash Filesystem (F3S)
The Failsafe Flash Filesystem F3S offers transaction safety on file level and therefore guarantees the consistency of the data, even in case of a blackout or other interferences while writing.
1,000,- €
software accessory Display Customization (RGB or LVDS display under Linux)
Creation of a DeviceTree (Buildroot or Yocto) for your F&S Board.
The DeviceTree contains the appropriate entries for your display.
700,- €
software accessory Display Customization (MIPI-DSI Display under Linux)
Creation of a DeviceTree / kernel (Buildroot or Yocto) for your F&S Board.
The DeviceTree / kernel contains the appropriate entries for your MIPI-DSI display.

1,000,- €
software accessory Display Customization (RGB orLVDS Display under Windows)
Creation of a driver for the touch controller under WCE7 or WEC13 for your F&S board.

500,- €

Display and Display Kit

ET070080 B.LCD.15 Display 7" RGB Display with resistive Touch
7" TFT (800x480) EDT ET070080DH6
120,- €
armStone efus  RGB Kit Displaykit RGB
7" WVGA display with RGB interface and touch panel, as well as the fitting connection cable (40pol film cable), display adapter and touch cable
170,- €


B.MKAB.23 40poles Film Cable
Film Cable, A40pol., 0,5mm, l=200mm for displays
To connect a 7" EDT Display (B.LCD.15)
10,- €


I2C Extension I2C Erweiterung
Circuit for an external extension with GPIOs, AID, PWM and matrix keyboard. This external circuit is connected via I²C Bus.
80,- €
JTAG Debug Adapter JTAG Debug Adapter
To program Cortex-M4.
69,- €
Adapter RGB to DVI NetDCU/ PicoCOM DVI Adapter
Connects NetDCUA5/ PicoCOMA5/ A9X to a DVI/ HDMI screen.
50,- €


linux windows embedded compact workshop Workshops
Workshops for F&S Boards with Windows Embedded Compact or Linux - Beginner Workshops - Qt 5 - Asymmetric Multiprocessing - Secure Boot

Other Accessories

USB Memory Stick with common memory size (2GB+) and imprinted F&S logo. The USB Stick was tested on all current F&S boards.
20,- €
kuehlkoerper Heat Sink
Finned heat sink to stick on for cooling the CPU
10,- €

Windows Embedded Lifetime

Feature Available until  End of Mainstream Support End of Extended Support
Windows Embedded Compact 2013 31.05.2028  10.09.2018 10.10.2023
Windows Embedded Compact 7 28.02.2026  12.04.2016 13.04.2021
Windows CE 6.0 28.02.2022  09.04.2013 10.04.2018

Windows Embedded Compact 2013

As the very first company we can offer WEC 2013 for Vybrid processors.
The highly flexible and hard real-time operating system has kernel, interface drivers and bootloader. It benefits from all the features of a modern CPU, such as ARMv7 THUMB2 command structure or NEON co-processor.
Complete images and the BSP are available in our download area.
Development is done with the latest Microsoft tools like Visual Studio 2015 (C, C++, C# or VB.NET) and Expression Blend 5.
Interfaces like I²C, CAN or SPI can be used in the same way like a RS232 interface.
XAML for Windows Embedded helps to separate visualisation and program the easy way.

Our FailSafe Flash File System F3S is also available in Compact 2013.

Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3

WCE 6.0 R3 offers bootloader, interface drivers and kernels (e.g. with Silverlight, Mediaplayer or IE).
The interface drivers for almost every offered interface are disposable.
The software is created with Visual Studio .NET in the languages C, C++, C# or VB.NET.
Interfaces like I²C can be operated in the same way like a RS232 interface, without having to handle the hardware. The display and other settings are set with the F&S Configuration Tool.

Windows Embedded Features for Vybrid


Feature Description Vybrid WEC 2013
.NET Support Library to easily access DIO, CAN, I²C and SPI from .NET Compact Framework
AnalogIn Stream driver to easily access the analog inputs
Audio Codec Support for Microphone, LineIn and LineOut.
Implements Mixer interface and special F&S mixer control panel applet to easily change settings.
BusEnum2 Support for asynchronous loading of drivers. Use events to start loading of drivers. 
Broadcast Stream driver
Boards can be easily identified and configured over LAN connection
CAN Stream driver to easily access CAN interface. Special tool suit to generate traffic or check communication.
Digital I/O  Stream driver to configure pins as input, output or interrupt.
Possibility to adjust drive strength or enable/disable internal pull-up or pull-down. Settings can be stored pin registry.
Display Display driver can be configured by registry settings without modifying operating system.
Display Multi-Monitor Support
Adjustable by registry
Display 2D software acceleration using NEON co-processor
Multiple overlays with alpha blending 
Display 2D hardware acceleration
3D OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0 hardware acceleration
Multiple overlays with alpha blending
Multiple monitor support (incl. 2D acceleration and Video support)
Firmware Update Software to update Bootloader and/or operating system from running operating system.  
Software Update Program to update application and registry settings from USB stick, SD card or other source.
Includes automatic detection. Can incorporate with Firmware Update
I²C Stream driver
Support for hardware I²C controller (NI2C)
Support for using GPIOs as I²C (I²C)
Keyboard Support for German 0407, Spanish 040A, French 040C, Italy 0410 and English 0409
Matrix keyboard support: Use IO pins for keyboard
SPI Stream driver
Support for hardware SPI controller
Touch Resistive touch driver with virtual key support - Capacitive touch driver for ATMEL EDT and others
Extended USB mouse driver to accept absolute coordinates
USB Host EHCI and OHCI driver
USB Device  
KBDHID Extended MS kbdhid - Support for all keys on the keyboard
MOUTOUCHHID Support for absolute coordinates
Power Management Support for screen saver and touch activation
PWM Stream driver
Video Streaming Filter framework for streaming video over HTTP
VoIP Voice over IP sample solution  
QT 4.8x Support for QT 4.8. framework.  

File System

Feature Description Vybrid WEC 2013
F&S BinFS Bug fixed BinFS file system for XIP images
F3S F&S Secure Flash File System
Optimized throughput on all file operations
Wear-Leveling strategies to reduce flash abrasion (including Garbage Collector)
Transaction-based concept already cooperates with a lot of applications  
Filter Driver
Used to limit access to file system.
Possible restrictions: Move, Delete, Rename
Filesystem Redirect Driver Redirects file system access from one directory to another.
FAT/TFAT Microsoft Windows Embedded FAT/TFAT solution.
NAND Driver 16 bit hardware ECC


Feature Description Vybrid WEC 2013
Telnet Server Enabled by default. Easy access to command shell.
FTP Server  
HTTPD Server Use device as web server. Create ISAPI extensions in C/C++. HTTPD DirectShow stream filter (i.e. camera)
OpenSSH Offers SSH server functionality for Windows Embedded. Based on OpenSSH
SSH SCP/SFTP server SSH Library (also used from SMTP). 
SMTP SMTP library to send EMail


Feature Description Vybrid WEC 2013
Bootscreen Showing custom image during boot.
Control Panel Standard Windows Embedded Control Panel with additional tools.
CE Remote Display Driver and application to access desktop of device remotely.
ndcucfg Command line configuration tool.
Can be used locally, over Telnet connection and over serial connection.
Registry editing
Reading/writing of boot loaders and splash screen
User administration
Certificate administration
* Can be used in own applications as DLL.
* As a command line tool from telnet or serial debug console
Update tool Update of boot loader
Update on WinCE image
Registry changes
Update of user application
Runs from SD/USB/LAN
F&S 2D control utility Control panel applet
Change 2D acceleration on the fly
F&S Board Config Control panel applet
Check hardware revision, version of boot loader, version of WinCE image and much more.
Change system startup and registry.
F&S Audio Mixer Control panel applet
Change audio features like volume, bass, treble, input ...
F&S SSH/SMTP control utility Control panel applet
Start stop SSHD service
Send test EMail by SMTP
F&S USB Loader Uses USB device connection to update Bootloader, operating system, boot screen, configuration information, partition information.
Can be used to update software or to automate production.
F&S Mfg Tool Modified NXP Tool for board bring up and software installation

NetDCUA5 - Product Flyer

NetDCUA5 - Hardware

NetDCUA5 - Linux

NetDCUA5 - Windows Embedded CE/Compact

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NetDCUA5 - Display


NXP Vybrid Cortex-A5, 256MB RAM, 128MB Flash, 2x Ethernet, 2x CAN, Audio, Touch, RGB, -25°C - +85°C, 5V Supply, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3